iPhone Parts Been Updated

New iPhone Parts have been updated on our website

We now stock iPhone 8 Parts 

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Website Maintance

We are really sorry to announce that our website need to undergo some scheduled website maintenance to improve the products and other services, it may not affect everyone but the site will be down from Saturday 27th January @ 9pm until Sunday 28th January. The updates shouldn’t take all day but we can’t put a timescale on when it will be back up and running but it will be Sunday at some point. 

We we will be adding more products, iPhone 8 & 8Plis and iPhone X parts and accessories 
we will Ben adding more services making it easier to browse
update contact information
modernising the whole website

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WhizzKid January Sales

On January 11th 2017 @ 7am WhizzKid Repairs will be opening there 1 week sale were you can get up to 50% the price of products in our store.
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Christmas Opening Times

                                        WHIZZKID REPAIRS would like to wish all customers a
                                     Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year all the best for 2017.

We are were we are today because of our customers coming back for bargain after bargain and we definetly wouldn't be here today without you guys so thank you and we have some exciting products and freebies coming in the next few months so keep posted on our website & Facebook Page.

Please Find Below the Last Delivery Dates before Christmas 2016
Order Placed By Monday 19th December  Arrives on Wednesday 21st December 

Please Find Below the dates that we will be on seasonal leave over the christmas period, Sorry for any inconvience 
Friday 23rd December Wednesday 28th December
Friday 30th December Tuesday 3rd January 2017
Saturday 7th January 2017 Wednesday 11th January 2017

All the best for 2017 

WhizzKid Repairs Team

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Apple Gifts Employees With Tshirt and Printed Credo For The Holidays

Reported By Juli Clover
16th December 2016

Every December, Apple provides its retail employees around the world with a special holiday gift to thank them for their contributions to the company and to celebrate the holiday season. 

For 2016, Apple is giving each employee a T-shirt and a printed copy of the company's credo. The t-shirt is gray in color and features two circles created from what appears to be a list of all of the company's retail locations around the world. 

The credo is printed on a heavy card stock and comes in a protective envelope. Apple first introduced its new six-paragrapgh Credo in August of 2016. 

We are here to enrich lives. 
To help dreamers become doers, 
to help passion expand human potential, 
to do the best work of our lives. 


We give more than we take. 
From the planet, 
to the person beside us. 
We become a place to belong 
where everyone is welcome. 

We draw strength from our differences. 
From background and perspective 
to collaboration and debate. 
We are open. 

We redefine expectations. 
First for ourselves, then for the world. 
Because we’re a little crazy. 
Because "good enough" isn’t. 
Because what we do says who we are. 

We find courage. 
To try and to fail, 
to learn and to grow, 
to figure out what’s next, 
to imagine the unimaginable, 
to do it all over again tomorrow. 


We believe our soul is our people. 
People who recognize themselves 
in each other. 
People who shine a spotlight 
only to stand outside it. 
People who work to leave this world better than they found it. 
People who live to enrich lives.
Apple's employee gift this year is somewhat less impressive than the gifts that have been handed out in past years. In 2015, employees were given a set of black and red UrBeats Headphones from the Beats by Dr. Dre product lineup and a nine-month Apple Music Subscription

In 2014, employees received an Apple-branded incase Backpack, and gifts in the years before that have included things like blankets, water bottles, hoodies, free apps, discounted iTunes gift cards, and more.
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OLED iPhone 8 to Feature Curved Display and New Touch-Sensitive Technology

18th December 2016

Apple's high-end OLED iPhone 8 will use a curved display rather than a flat panel and could potentially feature new touch-sensetive technology, according to a report on Sunday.

Multiple sources have claimed Apple is planning a 5.5-inch ''Premium'' Version of it's 2017 iPhone with a OLED screen alongside new models with traditional LCD displays, but today's report underlines Apples's intention to use a curved screen similar to that found in Samsung's Galaxy S7, which has been described as having the best smartphone on the market.


Previous rumours outlining Apple's intention to launch multiple iPhone models have been dogged by suggestions that it could delay adoption of OLED technology entirely due to supply constraints. Samsung is Apple's sole supplier of OLED displays in 2017, with LG and Sharp among the companies tapped to ramp up production for 2018, nut the latest report indicates that limited supply may indeed shape differentiation in next year's 10th anniversary iPhone's line-up.

According to the Herald, Samsung's curved OLED capacity for Apple is estimated at around 70million to 100million units. That's in line with previous estimates, but it's less than half of Apple's annual sales of the iPhone series, which stand at around 200million units a year.

The paper's source goes on to state that next year's iPhone won't be foldable, but in order to set it apart from Samsung's phones it could feature new sensing technology which ''enables the phone to respond when users touch any side of the device''. No further details are forthcoming, but the source notes that Apple may ultimately choose not to adopt the technology.

Other rumours suggest Apple's major iPhone redesign could include wireless charging and a glass body, no physical Home Button, and an edge-to-edge. bezel-free display with embedded Touch ID fingerprint sensor and camera

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First AirPods Orders Begin Arriving In Australia and New Zealand as Apple Stores Begin Sales

It's Monday morning in New Zealand and Australia, which means the first customers who placed orders for Apple's new AirPods have begun receiving them according to reports from MacRumours readers.

Deliveries are taking place across the two countries now, and Apple retail stores in Australia have also begun selling AirPods to customers.

In Australia, people who were hoping to get AirPods in store lined up early ahead of store openings, and as expected, supplies have been somewhat limited. At some stores, only a handful of AirPods were available, while others appear to have gotten more stock.

Customers who have received their AirPods are so far pleased with them. MacRumours reader Jason was impressed with how easy they were to sync and the sound quality. We'll have more first impressions a bit later as more customers receive their orders.

Based on early information coming from Australia, customers in Asia, the United Kingdom, and  the United States will likely want to get to Apple retail locations before they open for the best shot at getting a set on launch day.

Apple has said retail locations will receive regular stock going forward, and third-party retailers like Bets Buy are also going to be receiving AirPods stock starting tomorrow.

AirPods orders in other countries will begin arriving as Monday morning arrives. For customers who was not able to pre-order, purchasing AirPods in the store will be the only way to get thembefore January, as orders placed today will not ship out for six weeks in many countries.

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