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Terms and Conditions

Conditions of Sale

Orders are only accepted subject to the terms and conditions set out below. In the event of the customer’s
order containing special conditions, the order for the goods will only be accepted by WhizzKid Repairs. on
the understanding that those conditions are not in variance with ours, or if they are, that such conditions
have been waived by the customer.

These terms of trading do not apply to export accounts.

The minimum order value is £0.20

Product Specification
All information given by WhizzKid Repairs is believed to be true and correct at any particular time. Pictures are for illustration purposes only. It is
entirely the buyers responsibility to decide and satisfy themselves of the suitability of any particular
product for their own particular purposes. We do not accept any responsibility for damage, injury, loss or expense
resulting from any error or omissions. We reserve the right, without prior notice to discontinue any service
or product.

We agree to honor the particular warranty supplied with the product. Subject to our discretion, we, or our
agents, guarantee to service/replace parts as required within the warranty period. WhizzKid Repairs.,
only offer refunds at our discretion.

Prices quoted are Net prices including VAT at the prevailing rate. WhizzKid Repairs. reserve the right to
vary any advertised prices without prior notice.

Delivery dates are subject to availability, but every effort will be made to deliver the products on an
agreed date. WhizzKid Repairs. cannot be held liable for non-delivery or late delivery of products for
whatever reason, nor for the incorrect delivery address provided to us by the customer, 
nor for the compensation against any loss arising from non-delivery or late delivery.

Payment Terms
WhizzKid Repairs. payment terms are exclusively payment on order unless otherwise agreed in writing.
If account terms are agreed in writing, any failure to abide by account terms could be subject to account closure and all outstanding
amounts becoming due immediately Interest in line with current legislation may be charged.

Title of goods sold on the invoice does not pass to the buyer until WhizzKid Repairs. has received
payment in full for the goods.

Apart from that provided under the heading of Guarantee above, WhizzKid Repairs shall not be under any
liability whether in contract or otherwise and whether or not resulting from our negligence or that of our
employees, in respect of goods delivered or for any damage or loss resulting from such defects.
WhizzKid Repairs, 24 Rose Meadows, Fell Lane, Keighley, BD22 6LW

Trade Purchases
When a trade purchase is made if the products are no longer required, you can return the product within 30 days however there will be a restocking fee of 10%.

Trade purchases are determined by trade discount taken or a business purchasing a large number of stock. 

Tel: 0843 886 8424

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