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It's Monday morning in New Zealand and Australia, which means the first customers who placed orders for Apple's new AirPods have begun receiving them according to reports from MacRumours readers.

Deliveries are taking place across the two countries now, and Apple retail stores in Australia have also begun selling AirPods to customers.

In Australia, people who were hoping to get AirPods in store lined up early ahead of store openings, and as expected, supplies have been somewhat limited. At some stores, only a handful of AirPods were available, while others appear to have gotten more stock.

Customers who have received their AirPods are so far pleased with them. MacRumours reader Jason was impressed with how easy they were to sync and the sound quality. We'll have more first impressions a bit later as more customers receive their orders.

Based on early information coming from Australia, customers in Asia, the United Kingdom, and  the United States will likely want to get to Apple retail locations before they open for the best shot at getting a set on launch day.

Apple has said retail locations will receive regular stock going forward, and third-party retailers like Bets Buy are also going to be receiving AirPods stock starting tomorrow.

AirPods orders in other countries will begin arriving as Monday morning arrives. For customers who was not able to pre-order, purchasing AirPods in the store will be the only way to get thembefore January, as orders placed today will not ship out for six weeks in many countries.

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