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Product/Item Name:Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7'' T230- Replacement LCD - Complete with chassis
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Warranty Period:6

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OEM Replacement LCD assembley, includes LCD/ touch screen and bezel

PART: Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 T230 Replacement LCD assembly - only for 7'' Model

Assembly includes:
  • LCD Screen
  • Touch Screen / Bezel
  • Main Chassis / Bezel
  • Home Button and navigation Flex
Maufacturer: OEM

Warranty: 6 Months

Condition: NEW

Colour: White

Parts Origin - OEM. The term OEM stands for 'OEM Equipment Manfacturer', the exact meaning differs in several industries. To us OEM means that the part is exact same part used within your device, we source these from the same vendors the manufacturers use. By definition the part is an OEM part manufactured by same vendor / Manufacturer in the same way using the same procedures, equipment and processes as the part provided to the manufacture from the vendor, the only difference is that we don't obtain directly from the devices manufacturer, nor in some cases are we affiliated with device manufacturer in any way.
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